TMQ Autopilot Systems

A marine autopilot is one of the best accessories you can install on your boat. It gives you an extra hand when you need it for other navigational tasks or when you want to take care of other activities such as fishing, cooking, trimming sails etc.TMQ’s autopilots are renowned for their reliability, durability and ease of use. Over thirty years of experience have gone into the development of the latest series of marine autopilots. For the discerning mariner there is no better choice in this price range.

TMQ marine autopilots are available for all sizes and range of boats, from small sport fishing boats from say 5 meters up to working boats or fishing boats for coastal or open waters up to 50 meters. They all share the same robustness and easy handling.All TMQ autopilots share the same high performance electronic compass unit utilizing the latest technology. Besides an inbuilt magnetometer there are 3-axis accelerometers and 3-axis gyro sensors to give optimum performance. Combined they give an outstanding course reliability under any weather situation and at any speed.

Our TMQ AP47H is a leading small boat autopilot with virtual rudder feed-back. Designed for smaller boats it brings all the features of the more expensive models into a single compact unit, without the need for a separate junction box. With virtual rudder feed-back nor does it require a rudder feed-back unit making it easy to install on boats with outboards and stern drives.It comes with the same high performance digital compass as all TMQ autopilots.Combined with a very silent Hypro reversing pump, with a capacity that match you hydraulic steering system, it can be bought as a complete kit. In this price segment it has very little competition on the market.

AP47 is one of the most popular autopilots for trolling fishing, since it can steer the boat in an excellent way also in very low speeds around 1-2 knots.




Autopilot AP47
Autopilot AP47R
Autopilot AP55
AP47S for sailing boats

Our most popular autopilot kit for sailing boats under 38 feet. The Remote Sailboat drive unit makes it easy and economical to install an autopilot on light displacement sailboats steered with mechanical cable or tiller.

This is the best value inboard autopilot kit for sailing boats on the market. Comes in a box with everything you need. Read more….

How does an autopilot work

An autopilot is maybe one of the most advanced and technically sophisticated instruments you can have in your boat. It does have all the intelligence needed to automatically steer your boat ones you have told it the direction to steer or where you want to go. Ones installed it’s quietest easy to use it but it can be good to understand how it’s functioning and why it behaves in the way it does if the situation becomes difficult. Read more….

TMQ Autopilot Compass

The most important part of an autopilot is the heading reference or compass. How good an autopilot can steer the boat is of course very much dependent on the in-data it gets from the compass. We will try to explain today’s best practice of building compasses here and why the 3’rd generation of TMQ compass is better than most other autopilot compasses. Read more….

Autopilot AP4
Autopilot AP9