Will suite boats with hydraulic steering from 5 up to 25 meter of  lenght.

The AP55HR Autopilot Kit, consists of the TMQ AP55 controller with rudder feed-back unit and the very quiet Hypro pump.  It will fit everything between smaller motor boats and large vessels and sailing boats up to 25 meters. This kit is complete and ready for fitting to a boat that already has hydraulic steering.

Compared to the more compact AP47 this autopilot kit gives the following extra capabilities (not included in the kit):

  • Can handle several display units in different steering places on the boat.
  • Can use hand remote controls.
  • Can be used for electronic steering of the boat with FFU steering levers.
  • Can be controlled from PC with special software (see picture to the right).
  • Can be connected to 12 or 24 volt electrical systems

Compared to the AP47 this autopilot has a junction box. That is the reason why multiple AP-55 control heads can be connected which will show the same information. You can thus control the autopilot from different locations in the boat as well as connect other extra equipment as for example jog levers. This autpilot kit is maybe the most versatile you can find on the market today.

This is the prices for the AP55HR dependent on the pump size:

Model Ram size Price in Euro
AP55HR with PR06 between 70 and 110 cm3 2525
AP55HR with PR10 between 120 and 200 cm3 2650
AP55HR with PR15 between 200 and 350 cm3 2675
Optional Description Price in Euro
AP55REM Extra display unit 625
AP1000HEAD PC-program plus cable 125