Autopilot AP4

Price: 2125 Euro

The TMQ AP-4 Autopilot our most popular autopilot sets the standard within the Europeen and
Australian commercial fishing industry, with levels of performance and rugged reliability
demanded by the professionals.The front panel features large control knobs for ease of use in
all sea conditions. The TMQ AP-4 system includes control unit, electronic compass and standard
rudder feedback unit and can be matched to a drive unit to suit your vessel.

The AP-4 Autopilot can be integrated with navigational aids such as a GPS or GPS plotter to
provide waypoint steering. The Autopilot provides serial NMEA data out to facilitate heading
information to Radar.

Main Features

• Ease of operation through simple rotary controls
• Large LED display
• Front panel controls for rudder ratio and sensitivity
• Timer – adjustable or fixed for use as a commercial watch alarm
• Waypoint steering when connected to a GPS plotting system.

Display Modes

From the mode rotary switch different modes can be selected.

Set Mode: The autopilot displays the current magnetic heading and will not apply any
steering control.

Auto Mode: The autopilot will maintain your vessel on any selected magnetic course. This course can be set from the control panel by dialing up a course change with the course knob. When receiving information from a GPS unit, the autopilot can steer a vessel to a precise latitude and longitude.

Power Mode: The rudder angel may be controlled by the course knob on the main panel or from a remote steering station.

GPS Mode: When receiving information from a GPS unit, the autopilot can steer a vessel to a precise latitude and longitude.

Drive Units

We can supply a range of reversing pumps or continuous flow pump sets with directional solenoid valves.

Standard Components

Main control unit
Rudder feedback unit with 14m cable
Electronic compass with 5m cable
Mounting hardware
Operation instruction

AP4 Autopilot System Specification

Voltage: 12-24 volts DC
Current: Manual – 1.0 amps,
Max – 15 amps
Controls: Rotary
Course Detection: Better than 1 degree
Sensitivity: 0 to 10 degrees
Rudder Ratio: 0.1:1.0 to 1.0:1.0

Rudder Limits: Front panel adjustable
Course Alarm: Adjustable
Watch Alarm: Adjustable 0/60 mins 80R
Nav. Signal: NMEA 0183
Dimensions (mm): W 173 x H 73 x D 210
Allow for rear cable connection