Autopilot AP47R

Price: 1500 Euro

Designed for recreational boats it brings all the features of the more expensive models into a
single compact unit, without the need for a seperate junction box. With rudder feed-back units
it’s equally suitable for small motorboats as well as sailing yachts up to around 15 meters.
Designed also to an industry standard 110mm square casing it fits nicely together with other
instruments. With focused experience in the professional marine environment, TMQ have developed
the AP47R to provide performance and reliability for the recreational user. There are simply no
other autopilot on the market so compact and easy to install with the same amount of functionality.

It should be noted that due to it’s compactness it’s not possible to add an extra display unit or
connect a hand hold remote unit to this autopilot. If that is a requirement the AP55 with a junction
box should be choosen. Note also that this autopilot can only operate with 12 volt. If you have 24 volt
in your boat use the AP55.

The AP47R operates as a stand-alone system, with control unit and compass connected to either
reversing pumps, solenoid valves or mechanical drive units. Alternatively, the system can be
integrated with navigational aids such as a GPS or GPS plotters to provide waypoint steering.


Main Features

• Large easy to read backlit display
• Simple operation with push button
• Splash proof display
• Attractive styling compliments existing
vessel layout
• Off course alarm

Display Modes

Manual Mode: The autopilot display unit shows the current magnetic heading. The vessel is under manual steering control and does not apply automatic steering control.

Auto Mode: The autopilot will maintain your vessel on any desired magnetic course. This course can be set from the Display Unit.

GPS Mode: When receiving information from a GPS the autopilot can steer a vessel to a precise latitude and longitude, through any number of desired course changes.

Wind Mode: When receiving information from a wind instrument the autopilot can lock on a certain wind direction. Tacking is also possible.

Drive Units

We can supply a range of reversing pumps, continuous flow pumps with directional solenoid valves or linear drive unit for installation on boats.

Standard Components

AP-47 control unit
Electronic compass with 5 metres of cable
Rudder feed-back unit with 15 metres of cable
Mounting hardware and brackets
Operation manual


TMQ have had 35 years of product support backed with a 2 year warranty. All support is handled by local distributors.

AP47 Autopilot System Specification

Voltage: 12 volts DC
Current: Average – 0.5 amps
Current: Max – 15 amps
Controls: 4 Push Button
Display: Tranflective LCD
Course Detection: Better than 1 degree
Sensitivity: 0 to 10 degrees
Rudder Ratio: 0.1:1.0 to 1.0:1.0
Rudder Limits: Adjustable
Course Alarm: 45 Degrees
Nav. Signal: NMEA 0183