Constant running pumps, hydraulic power packs

PowerPackHydraulic constant running pumps also called hydraulic power packs are suitable for larger boats with hydraulic steering systems. They are used for connecting autopilots to the steering system as well as for joystick steering. They have a constant running pump and two solenoids for starboard and port side steering. Can be used with all our autopilots, also the latest model of AP47. Note that even if it’s called a constant running pump it’s easy to set it up so that it only runs when needed by the autopilot.

We have constant running pumps with flow rates from 0.5 litre/min to 12 litre/min with 12, 24 and 220/380 volt systems. There are also two-speed systems with 4 solenoid which are used for having one speed for autopilots and one other faster speed for joystick steering.

When you order a constant running pump you need to know the flow rate of the pump and at what pressure you need this. The flow rate you know from the volume of the cylinder and the hard over time. For an autopilot you need a hard over time of about 12 seconds, for joystick steering around 6 seconds. Pressure for autopilot use is about 50 – 60 bar and for joystick about 80 – 100 bar (max 80 bar for aluminium cylinders). With the flow rate and pressure we can calculate what power in Watt you need. If you have any problem with this allow us to do the calculations for you.



Constant running pumps (all prices excl. VAT)
Model Power W Voltage V Price Euro
CC-03 80 12/24 1200
CC-05 125 12/24 1250
CC-075 300 12-24 1500
CC-075V 300 12/24 1500
CC-1VN 500 24 1700
CC-1VN 600 12 1700
CC-14 800 24 3600
CC-14V 1000 24 4000
CC-28V 1000 24 V 4000
CC-28V 1500 24 V 4900
CC-14V 750 220/380 2500
CC-14V 1100 220/380 2650
CC-28V 1500 220/380 2750
CC-28V 2200 220/380 3150
CC-28V 3000 220/380 3250
Optional extras (all prices incl. VAT)
Pressure Gauge 60
Flow Regulator 270
Two speed * 475
* Two speed means a constant running pump with two sets of solenoids. With that you can get a higher flow for joystick and a slower flow for an autopilot for example. The price is the added price for one extra set of solenoid. Note that the pump has to be dimensioned for the higher flow rate.
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