Reversing pumps

HyproPRReversing pumps are ideally suited for connecting autopilots to hydraulis steering systems. Our pumps from Hypro are also the most silent pumps available.  Every pump is fitted with check valves as standard and can be used with balanced or unbalanced cylinders. Note, however, that unbalanced cylinders are not suitable for autopilots with virtual rudder feed-back. The gear form has been selected to give minimum noise with maximum performance up to 55 bar. Can be used on sailing or powerboats.

Reversing pumps are available in three flow rates, 0.6, 1 and 1,5 litre/minute variants

Technical data

Maximum pressure 55 bar
Temperature rating minimum -20ºc
Temperature rating maximum +55ºc
Motor voltage 12Vdc or 24Vdc
Motor output 100 watt
Maximum cont. current 12V 15A
Protection IP67
Connection 2 core flying lead

A reversing pump should be choosen dependent on the size of the hydralic ram fitted on the boat. The following table shows you what version should be used to fit a certain volume of the hydraulic ram:

PR06 (flow rate 0,6 litre/minute) should be choosen for ram volumes between 70 and 125 cm3

PR10 (flow rate 1,0 litre/minute) should be choosen for ram volumes between 130 and 220 cm3

PR15 (flow rate 1,5 litre/minute) should be choosen for ram volumes between 230 and 350 cm3

If you don’t know the size you have to take measurments of the ram and do a calculation. We are here to help you with that. We need to know the outside diameter of the ram body, the diameter of the rod and the stroke of the cylinder.