AP47M installed in Ryds 23WA


AP47M with Sportdrive is an easy to install autopilot for boats with cable steering. If you are satisfied with your steering system it is more economical to use this kit instead of first having to install a hydraulic steering.

In the spring of 2012 the AP47M kit was sent to an owner of a Ryds 23WA. The boat is used for trolling fishing The following equipment was sent (all included in the autopilot kit AP47M):

  • Autopilot AP47 display with all electronics inside
  • Electronic compass ELECOM with gyro
  • An electro mechanical drive unit Sportdrive

The installation was done by the owner himself and was ready sometimes in Maj. We have received the following nice pictures showing how everything was installed.


The picture below shows how the drive unit is installed behind the dash board. As you can see there is very little space but it was possible to squeeze it in. Note the round plastic cover on the drive. It’s here you install the optional rudder feed-back sensor should you need that. Normally you don’t need that for boats under 8 meter.


This shows the drive unit from the front of the dash board. The cover you see behind the wheel is included in the kit. The autopilot display is installed behind the GPS plotter.


Here we can see how the compass is installed in the boat. It has to be installed on a flat horizontal surface. As you can see it can also be installed upside down. The gyro will understand it’s position. Just make sure there is nothing magnetic around it.


Here we can see the boat in the owners very nice boat house. You get a little jealous when you see this, don’t you.


The result looks very good. A good example of an installation made by the owner of the boat. It’s not difficult to install this kit with it’s few components .

One month after the installation our customer wanted to test with a rudder feed-back sensor. It’s very simple to install this unit on the Sportdrive, just to take away the cover and plug it in. You have to go in to the technical parameters in the autopilot to tell it that now a feed-back sensor is installed. The value rF has to be set to 1, which is described in the manual.


This is how the behaviour of the autopilot changed:

  • The owner found that the autopilot was much calmer after this with less adjustments of the rudder.
  • As a result of this the autopilot was much more silent. That was a big improvement.

All boats are different. In most cases it works very good without a rudder feed-back sensor. It is though very good to know that you can install one if you find that the autopilot seems to work to much and there is a lot of noice from the drive unit. I can make a big difference.