AP47S installed in a Maxi95


The autopilot kit AP47S is our most popular autopilot kit for sailing boats under 38 feet. The Saidrive RS drive unit makes it easy and economical to install an autopilot on light displacement sailboats steered with mechanical cable or tiller.

In autumn 2011 we sent a complete kit to an owner of a Maxi95. The kit consists of the following components:

  • AP47 display unit with all electronics included
  • Electronic compass ELECOM with gyro
  • Rudder feed-back sensor with linkage
  • Drive unit Saildrive RS

Everything was installed by the owner himself. Due to small spaces in this boat the drive unit was the most difficult part to install.




Below we can see all parts that comes with the autopilot kit AP47S. Everything in one box.


Here below we can see the rudder quadrant in the boat. Not so easy to see how the Saildrive could fit here.


After a long discussion with the owner of the boat we decided that this was the best way to connect the cable of the Saildrive to the rudder.


We had to fit an extra rod to the rudder quadrant in order to have something to connect the cable to. See below image.


Here below you can see how the cable with it’s linear drive is connected. The picture is taken under the floor of the previous picture.


Here below you can see the motor unit of the Saildrive RS. As you can see it can be installed in any direction. Note the rudder feed-back sensor connected to the motor unit. This is one of the big advantages of the Saildrive compared with other linear drives.


After the drive unit was installed it’s now time for the electrical part of the installation. This is much easier. Below you can see all the different components.


The picture below shows the AP47 instrument placed besides all other instruments.AP47S_Maxi95_7

This what the owner of the boat told us after the installation:

After having installed an tested the AP47S everything is working very good. It’s like having an extra person on board. It’s very easy to be spoiled by having an extra hand at the rudder. One press on auto when setting the sails and the same thing when it’s time to take them down. It’s working perfect under sail also.