AP47SL used for around the world sailing

Sailing boat

AP47SL is our strongest autopilot kit for saling boats. It consists of the AP47R instrument and the linear drive unit ML40Plus. This linear drive is a hydralic ram, solenoid valve and hydraulic pump in one unit. It comes from the factory already filled with oil so it’s very easy to install. It has been designed specifically for the marine auto-pilot market for use on sailboats and power craft with displacement or fast planing hulls.

We where contacted by the owner of the boat you can see to the right. He wanted a strong autopilot that could be used for around the world sailing. We agreed that the AP47SL was the best choice. It comes complete with the following components:

  • AP47 display unit with all electronics inside
  • Electronic compass ELECOM with gyro
  • Rudder feed-back unit
  • Drive unit ML40Plus

This was all installed in the boat just a few weeks before leaving for the Caribbean, that is before crossing the Atlantic ocean. It can be good to test new equipment on the boat before leaving but in this case there where no time for this.

Below you can see how the drive unit is installed in the back of the boat. I think there is something to cover the drive units since it’s located just over the bed.


Here you can see it in more detals how it’s connected to the rudder.


Unfortunalty we haven’t got more pictures of the installation. Anyway it seems to have worked just fine. We heard from him from northern Australia and after that from somewhere near Singapore. At that time he complained that the AP47 instrument was broken so we sent a new one to him in Langkawi, Malaysia. To his surprise, when he started to uninstall the old instrument he saw that it was only a cable that was loose. Nothing wrong with the instrument. Anyway, he was happy to have one as a spare and was pleasantly surprised of the good service he had gotten from us.